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Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Cyclodextrins

Proceedings of the 9th Internat. Symposium on CDs

The cover illustration displays the solid-state conformation of α-cycloaltrin (α-CA) in different forms: the molecule adopts a conformation of 3-fold rotational symmetry with a unique alternating sequence of 4C1 and 1C4 altropyranose chair geometries (upper left model, space group P63), resulting in banana-shaped disaccharide units, of which one is represented as a space-filling CPK-type model (lower left entry). In the crystal lattice the compact molecules are stacked in transposed layers (upper right, water molecules left off for clarity). Each α-CA molecule is embedded into a matrix of 21 water molecules (lower right, view along the hexagonal c-axis). The space filling models reveal α-CA to be devoid of a central 'through-going' cavity. The graphics were generated using Brickmann's MOLCAD molecular modeling program; for further information see the web-pages at 'http://sugar.oc.chemie.tu-darmstadt.de/ak/immel/graphics/gallery/index.html' or 'S. Immel, G.E. Schmitt, and F.W. Lichtenthaler: α-Cycloaltrin: Conformation and Properties in the Solid-State and Aqueous Solution.', pp. ... of this volume.

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