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Top of Page Tutorials - Various Aspects of Organic and Structural Chemistry
On these pages, various aspects of organic and structural chemistry are discussed. Although this section is not intended to replace standard text books and the descriptions may be far from being exhaustive, the images as well as 3D-models provided here may be helpful in understanding some general ideas in the field of chemistry. The tutorials include:

PLEASE NOTE: Graphics may be used for lectures and teaching purposes only with explicit permission of the author. Graphics of higher resolution are available upon request. All inquires should be mailed to PD Dr. S. Immel.

Top of Page Structures - Various 3D Models in Organic and Structural Chemistry
See also the additional 3D models available from the "Structure" section of this website as listed below. The structures available in these sections make use of the Jmol applet, all 3D models presented here can be freely rotated within your web browser without the need of installing an additional plugin.

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