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The Electrostatic and Hydrophobicity Potential Profiles of Sucrose and Related Disaccharides

Uwe Kreis, Stefan Immel, and Frieder W. Lichtenthaler

201st ACS Meeting, New York, August 1991, Abstract CARB 3.

The current possibilities of interactive graphics display of the sucrose molecular geometry based on X-ray structural data, are to be presented, such es the MOLCAD program-computed contact surface, the electrostatic potential in a 16 color code ranging from violet to red, and, most relevant in terms of structure-sweetness relationships, its hydrophobicity potential profile on the contact surface. A tentative assessment of the computer-generated distribution of hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions on the surface of sucrose with reference to the ,,sweetness triangle" AH-B-X concept is attempted. Also presented will be the graphic displays for the contact surfaces and the hydrophobicity distributions for glucose, fructose, leucrose, and isomaltulose.

Additional Graphics: Sucrose

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