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Example Graphics

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Example file (bounding.pov):

// Persistence of Vision Raytracer Version 3.5 Scene Description File
// File: bounding.pov
// Author: Fabien Mosen
// Description:
// This file demonstrates the "min_extent" and "max_extent" functions.

#include "colors.inc"

camera {location <100,70,-60> direction z*4 look_at <0,0,0>}
light_source {<400,500,-300> White*2}

#declare r1=seed(0);

//defining and placing the objects groups
#declare Group1 =
blob {
threshold .6
#declare I=0;
#while (I < 1)
sphere {<-5+rand(r1)*10,-5+rand(r1)*10,-5+rand(r1)*10>,2+rand(r1)*1,5}
#declare I=I+.1;
pigment {SteelBlue}
finish {phong .7}
translate z*-10

#declare Group2 =
union {
#declare I=0;
#while (I < 1)
box {-1,1 rotate rand(r1)*360
scale .5+rand(r1)*.5
translate <-5+rand(r1)*10,-5+rand(r1)*10,-5+rand(r1)*10>
#declare I=I+.1;
pigment {MediumForestGreen}
translate z*+10

object {Group1}
object {Group2}

//a macro to make a box perimeter
#macro BarBox (StartPoint,EndPoint,Thick)
#local SmallCorner=;
#local BigCorner=;
#local Amplitude=BigCorner-SmallCorner;
union {
box {<0,0,0>,}
box {<0,Amplitude.y,0>,}
box {<0,0,Amplitude.z>,}
box {<0,Amplitude.y,Amplitude.z>,}

box {<0,0,0>, translate 0}
box {<0,0,0>, translate }
box {<0,0,0>, translate <0,0,Amplitude.z-Thick>}
box {<0,0,0>, translate }

box {0,}
box {0, translate }
box {0, translate <0,Amplitude.y-Thick,0>}
box {0, translate }

translate SmallCorner

//a macro that uses the bounding info to display the bounding box of an object
#macro ShowBounds (Obj,Col1,Col2,Col3,Thk)
#local Corner1 = min_extent (Obj);
#local Corner2 = max_extent (Obj);
object {BarBox (Corner1,Corner2,Thk) pigment {Col3}}
sphere {Corner1,Thk*2 pigment {Col1}}
sphere {Corner2,Thk*2 pigment {Col2}}

//creating the visible bounding limits
ShowBounds (Group1,Yellow,White,OrangeRed,.2)
ShowBounds (Group2,Yellow,White,OrangeRed,.2)

© Copyright PD Dr. S. Immel