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Top of Page POVRAY V3.5 Demo Graphics
These graphics were included in the POVRAY V3.5 distribution. This archive gives an overview about the options available, and it may be used for quick reference about what can be done using POVRAY.

POVRAY V3.5 Demo Graphics
Top of Page Advanced Examples
abyss balcony benchmark biscuit stackerday stackergold stackernight stackertransp bwstripe povcatray chess2 cliche sign desk diffract drums fish13 float5 gaussianblob glasschess grenadine infinitybox ionic5 isocacti lamppost landscape mediasky mist mtmand newdiffract teapot2 teapot3 teapot4 ntreal object_pattern optics piece2 piece3 quilt1 skyvase sombrero sunsethf swirlbox teapot wallstucco whiltile wineglass woodbox
Top of Page Animation Examples
ambient boing1 bounce glsbng camera2 clockd diffuse float1 float2 float3 float4 fractalzoom l_o life pentmap plotqlt raddem reflect slnk speclr splinefollow vect1 vect2
Top of Page Camera Examples
cylinder1 cylinder2 cylinder3 cylinder4 fisheye focalblur normal1 omnimax orthographic panoramic perspective shear spherical ultra_wide_angle
Top of Page Incdemo Examples
chars circletext colors debug finish func_gradient glass samp_demo i_internal logo math brasses chromes coppers golds silvers screen shapes shapes2 shapes_old sort benediti marbteal pinkmarb rdgranit stones1 stones2 strings sundial texture1 texture2 texture3 transforms ash bubinga cedar orngwood teak whiteash wood_1 wood_10 wood_11 wood_12 wood_13 wood_14 wood_15 wood_16 wood_17 wood_18 wood_19 wood_2 wood_3 wood_4 wood_5 wood_6 wood_7 wood_8 wood_9 woods1 woods2
Top of Page Interior Examples
atten1 atten2 ballbox1 caustic2 crystal fog_f fog_ft fog_std foglayr foglyr2 iortest magglass galaxy hollow1 hollow2 hollow3 media1 media2 media3 media4 media5 micro nufog2 rainbow1 skysph1 skysph2
Top of Page Language Examples
array1 array2 array3 bounding fileio image_size local macro1 macro2 macro3 macro4 pyramid pyramid2 splinefunction trace-wicker trace trace2 tracevines vturbulence
Top of Page Light Examples
arealit1 arealit2 arealit3 circular fillite glassthing laser orient parallel_lights phot_met_glass projected_through shadows soft spotlite
Top of Page Objectmods Examples
double_illuminate no_image no_reflection
Top of Page Object Examples
bezier blob blob1a blob1b blob1c box chesmsh crater crater_dat cliptst2 granite1 hfclip intee1 fractal1 fractal2 fractal3 fractal4 isosurfaces lathe1a lathe1b lathe1c lathe2 mesh2 pawns polygon primitiv prism1 prism2 prism3a prism3b prism3c bicube folium grafbic helix hyptorus lemnisc2 lemnisca monkey partorus piriform quarcyl quarpara steiner tcubic teardrop torus trough witch sor1 superel1 superel2 superel3 torus1 ttf1 wtorus
Top of Page Other Examples
Top of Page Portfolio Examples
allpat1iso allpat2iso
Top of Page Qtvr Examples
Top of Page Radiosity Examples
cornell patio-radio rad_def_test radiosity radiosity2 radiosity3
Top of Page Texture Examples
arches cluster metallicreflection var_refl var_reflection interior_texture noise_generator bumpmap norm_acc normal normavg normmap slopemap agate bozo brick bumps crackle1 crackle2 crackle3 crackle_form crackle_solid densfile dents fractals1 fractals2 fractals3 gradient granite hexagon leopard mandel marble onion pigment_pattern quilt2 quilted radial ripples slopemt slopemt_dat spiral1 spiral2 spotted waves wrinkles blkhole cantelop checker2 crack1 dodec2 eight filtfun interp irid mapper mappr2 matmap pigmap pigment planet s_cloud1 s_cloud2 s_cloud3 s_cloud4 s_cloud5 stars spiral1a transmitfx txtravg txtrmap warp1 warp2

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