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Example Graphics

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Example file (macro3.pov):

// Persistence Of Vision Ray Tracer POV-Ray 3.5 sample Scene
// by Chris Young
// MACRO3.POV demonstrates basic use of a macro as a type
// of "inline function" that "returns" a value like a built-in
// function.
#include "colors.inc"

light_source { <100,1000,-1000>, White}

camera { location <0,0,-15> direction 2*z look_at <0,0,0>}

plane{-z,-1 pigment{checker Cyan,Yellow}}

// Define the macro. Parameters are:
// T: Middle value of time
// T1: Initial time
// T2: Final time
// P1: Initial position (may be float, vector or color)
// P2: Final position (may be float, vector or color)
// Result is a value between P1 and P2 in the same proportion
// as T is between T1 and T2.
#macro Interpolate(T,T1,T2,P1,P2)
// Note: Without outermost parens this doesn't work as expected
// in the Location calculations.


#declare Here = <-5,-2,0>;
#declare There = <5,3,0>;
#declare This_Color = rgb <1,1,0>;
#declare That_Color = rgb <1,0,1>;
#declare Size1 = 0.3;
#declare Size2 = 0.5;

#declare I=0;
#while (I<15)
// Interpolate vector location from Here to There
#declare Location=<0,0,-1> + Interpolate(I,0,15,Here,There) * 0.8;

// Interpolate float radius
// Interpolate color
color Interpolate(I,0,15,This_Color,That_Color)
#declare I=I+1;

© Copyright PD Dr. S. Immel