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Example Graphics

(low quality jpg-image only)

Example file (crater.pov):

// Persistence Of Vision raytracer version 3.5 sample file.
// Render CRATER_DAT.POV to create the height_field image that
// is needed in CRATER.POV (this file). Then render this file.
// ( When CRATER.POV is rendered, the output image type must be
// the same as when CRATER_DAT.POV was rendered. That is how it
// works when no image type is specified in the height_field.
// Alternatively you can specify the image type of the
// height_field object in line 23 in this file. See the
// documentation for details. )

global_settings { assumed_gamma 2.2 }

#include "colors.inc"

camera{location <0,8,-20> direction z*5 look_at 0}

light_source{<1000,1000,-1000> White}

height_field {
"crater_dat" smooth
pigment {White}
translate <-.5, 0, -.5>
scale <17, 1.75, 17>

© Copyright PD Dr. S. Immel