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Example Graphics

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Example file (image_size.pov):

// Persistence of Vision Raytracer Version 3.5 Scene Description File
// File: image_size.pov
// Author: Fabien Mosen
// Description:
// This file demonstrates the "image_width" and "image_height" functions.

#include "colors.inc"

camera {location <0,2,-10> direction z*1.5 look_at <0,2,0>}

#declare TotalPixels = image_width * image_height;
#declare PixString = str (TotalPixels,3,0)

union {
text {ttf "cyrvetic.ttf","this image",.1,0 translate y*3}
text {ttf "cyrvetic.ttf","contains exactly",.1,0 translate y*2}
text {ttf "cyrvetic.ttf",PixString,.1,0 translate y*1 pigment {White}}
text {ttf "cyrvetic.ttf","pixels",.1,0 translate y*0}
text {ttf "cyrvetic.ttf","(unless you messed with it :-)",.1,0 scale .5 translate y*-1}
pigment {SteelBlue}
translate x*-3

plane {z,.1 hollow on pigment {spiral1 15 color_map {[0 Red*.3][1 Red*.2]} sine_wave warp {turbulence .1}}}

light_source {<4,5,-30> White*2}

© Copyright PD Dr. S. Immel