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Example Graphics

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Example file (clockd.pov):

// Persistence Of Vision Ray Tracer POV-Ray 3.5 sample Scene
// by Chris Young
// CLOCKD.POV demonstrates basic use of the clock_delta identifier.
// Run this scene with various start & end clock values or frames.

#include "colors.inc"

light_source { <100,1000,-1000>, White}

camera { location <0,1,-16> direction 2*z look_at <0,1,0>}

cylinder{0,z,2 pigment{radial color_map{[0.5 Green][0.5 Cyan]} frequency 12 rotate x*90}}
cone{0,0.25,y*2,0 pigment{Blue} rotate -z*clock*360}
translate y*3

text{ttf "timrom.ttf" concat("clock_delta=",str(clock_delta,8,4)),0.1,0
translate -5*x

union {
plane{y,-2} plane{-z,-10} plane{x,-10}
pigment{checker Cyan,Yellow}

© Copyright PD Dr. S. Immel