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Example Graphics

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Example file (fisheye.pov):

// Persistence Of Vision raytracer version 3.5 sample file.
// Created by Fabien Mosen - April 8 2001
// This file demonstrates the use of the "fisheye" camera.

#include "colors.inc"
#include "camera-context.inc" //common file containing object definitions for the camera demos

camera {
location <1,4,3>
angle 360
look_at <0,1,2>

//don't forget to render this with the image ratio equal to 1 (height = width),
//or, instead of being framed in a circle, the image will be "squished" into
//an ellipse.

box {<-15,0,-15>,<15,-1,15>
pigment {checker White,Gray90 scale 5}
finish {reflection {.1}}

object {Cubes1 translate <5,0,-5>}
object {Cubes2 translate <9,8,-6>}
object {Cubes3 translate <-15,0,5>}
object {Cubes4 translate <-10,0,-5>}

sphere {<-2,3,14>,3 pigment {SteelBlue} finish {phong .2 reflection {.3}}}

sky_sphere {pigment {rgb <0.859,0.910,0.831>}}

light_source {<-5,10,10> White*2}

© Copyright PD Dr. S. Immel