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PLEASE NOTE: You may have to click the viewing mode buttoms twice to get the descired results (I have no idea why this doesn't work properly with the Chime plugin).
To view the three-dimensional models of atomic orbitals the Chime plugin is required. Please note, that the files for the contour surfaces and dotted plots are rather large and, depending on your line speed, may need some time to download. Use the buttons below to choose viewing options, or click in the plugin-window to rotate the models.

For images or 3D models of higher quality see the hydrogenic orbital or the VRML models.

The contour surfaces are colored uniformly to represent the total electron density (the electron density is proportional to ψ2), whereas the yellow and blue colors in the dotted plots of ψ2 indicate regions of opposite sign in ψ. Please note, that these crude representations may not disclose the fine "inner" details of the orbitals appropriately, for high-quality images with enhanced resolution of the different orbitals see the gallery of hydrogenic orbitals.
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