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Top of Page POVRAY V3.1 Demo Graphics

POVRAY V3.1 Demo Graphics
Top of Page DocsDemo Examples
blobdem1 blobdem2 blobdem3 blobdem4 focaldem fog1 fog2 fog3 fog4 fog5 fog6 halo01 halo02 halo03 halo04 halo05 halo06 halo11 halo21 halo22 halo23 halo31 halo32 halo33 halo34 halo35 hfdemo image layered1 layered2 layered3 laytex polygdem prismdm1 prismdm2 prismdm3 prismdm4 prismdm5 rainbow1 rainbow2 rainbow3 skysph1 skysph2 skysph3
Top of Page Anim Examples
ambient boing1 glsbng camera2 diffuse float1 float2 float3 float4 l_o pentmap plotqlt raddem reflect scurve scurvb slnk speclr vect1 vect2 wheel
Top of Page Atmosphere Examples
atmos1 atmos2 atmos3 atmos4 atmos5 fog_f fog_ft fog_std foglayr foglyr2 hollow1 hollow2 hollow3 nufog2
Top of Page Camera Examples
camera1a camera1b camera1c camera1d camera1e camera1f camera3a camera3b camera3c camera3d focalb1
Top of Page Demo Examples
arealit1 arealit2 arealit3 chars colors hfield normal pigment primitiv shapes2 texture1 texture2 texture3 texture4 texture5 texture6
Top of Page Halo Examples
attenua1 attenuat cloud cloud2 dust emit1 emit2 emitting glow haze multiple planeth1 planeth2 steams
Top of Page Light Examples
cyllite1 fadelt1 fadelt2 fillite
Top of Page Object Examples
blob1a blob1b blob1c chesmsh fractal1 fractal2 fractal3 fractal4 lathe1a lathe1b lathe1c lathe2 polygon prism1 prism2 prism3a prism3b prism3c robotmsh sor1 superel1 superel2 superel3 tblob torus1 trimesh1 ttf1 ttf2 ttf3 ttftest
Top of Page Other Examples
adctest crat_dat crater float5 gridloop ifelse1 ifelse2 ifelse3 matrix message shear1 shear2 shear3 strings switch1 switch2 switch3 switch4 while1
Top of Page Radiosity Examples
Top of Page Recursive Examples
pyramid sphrflak sponge1 sponge3
Top of Page Showoff Examples
blobloop chess2 diffract fisheye gloflake matches mist teapot2 teapot3 teapot4 quilt1 smoke sombrero sunset3 swirlbox whiltile
Top of Page Surface Examples
agate atten1 atten2 blkhole bozo brick2 bumps caustic1 caustic2 checker colamb1 colmir1 crack1 crackle dents gradient granite hexagon iridwlen leopard mandel marble mt-blob1 mt-blob2 mt-blob3 normavg normmap numwaves onion pigavg pigmap quilt2 quilted radial rgbt rgbt2 ripples slopemap spiral1 spiral1a spiral1b spiral2 spiral2a spiral2b spotted txtravg txtrmap warp1 warp2 wavenorm wavepig waves wood wrinkles
Top of Page PovScn Level 1 Examples
ballbox1 basicvue bumpmap cantelop checker2 cliptst2 dodec2 filtfun glasdish intee1 interp laser mapper mappr2 matmap shadows spotlite
Top of Page PovScn Level 2 Examples
arches cluster crystal hfclip iortest lamppost magglass mtmand pacman pawns polywood poolball skyvase soft sunsethf waterbow wtorus
Top of Page PovScn Level 3 Examples
desk drums fish13 ionic5 ntreal oak2 fpencil piece2 piece3 snack snail takeoff tomb wealth wg6
Top of Page Math Examples
bezier bicube folium grafbic helix hyptorus lemnisc2 lemnisca monkey partorus piriform quarcyl quarpara steiner tcubic teardrop trough
Top of Page Texture Examples
glasses brasses chromes coppers golds silvers s_cloud1 s_cloud2 s_cloud3 s_cloud4 s_cloud5 stars benediti marbteal pinkmarb rdgranit stones1 stones2 bubinga cedar orngwood teak whiteash wood_2 wood_3 wood_4 wood_5 wood_6 wood_7 wood_8 wood_9 wood_10 wood_11 wood_12 wood_13 wood_14 wood_15 wood_16 wood_17 wood_18 wood_19 woodbox woods1 woods2

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